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FigDesign updates historic property

On 24, Nov 2003 | In Updates | By FigDesign

FigDesign offices in Caldwell House

Nancy Caldwell Taylor unveils the Historic Marker placed by the City of Irving on her childhood home.

FigDesign remodeled and now occupies the historic 1925 home of former Irving Mayor C. P. Caldwell. Mr. Caldwell was mayor of Irving in the late 1930s, and hired the first city employee.

The property was in the Caldwell family until the 1980s, and is located in the original 80 acres that made up the town of Irving at the city’s founding in 1903. Working with the City, FigDesign rebranded the area as the Irving Heritage District in 1998.

The city was in the process of identifying significant older properties in order to erect markers for the Centennial celebration in 2003. Nancy Caldwell Taylor of Little Rock, the youngest child who grew up in the home, was delighted to memorialize her father’s mayoral legacy by unveiling the marker in a formal front yard ceremony.

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