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By FigDesign

North Lake College Computer Graphics Advisory Committee

On 14, Jun 2013 | In Events, Updates | By FigDesign

Several local design professionals, including FigDesign’s David Fiegenschue, met at North Lake College to review and provide input for the school’s growing Computer Graphics program. The group:

  • Evaluated the goals and objectives of the Computer Graphics program
  • Established workplace competencies for student occupations
  • Revised and updated the Computer Graphics program curriculum
  • Evaluated the adequacy of existing college facilities, equipment and software
  • Advised on the purchase of new hardware and software
  • Identified local business and industry leaders who may provide students with external learning experiences
  • Sought placement opportunities and employment for students

“Education is obviously a key component in shaping the future of design and visual communications,” said Fiegenschue. “In this fast-paced and fluid environment, the next generation will need to be flexible, smart and up-to-date on tools, platforms and strategies to help clients. Colleges that lead students forward will help shape the language of design.”