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By FigDesign

FigB®and exhibit at Brookhaven College

On 05, Feb 2008 | In Updates | By FigDesign

From the Brookhaven Courier, 4 February 2008:

The Visual Communications program at Brookhaven College is displaying works of graphic designer David Fiegenschue until February 22.

The VCOM program displays work by professionals to provide examples of what students are aiming for when taking classes.

Jerry Hill, VCOM professor, said one reason to bring professionals like Fiegenschue to Brookhaven is, “Primarily to show students real world examples of what they’re being taught and how professionals execute those projects and problems to strengthen and reinforce the instruction that we provide our students, so they can see and understand the process.”

Fiegenschue said he has been in the profession for 21 years and owns his own business, FigDesign. The company creates logos and symbols for different industries and companies. His work is both inventive and simple.

Fiegenschue was present for the opening of the gallery January 24. The reception was filled with students, faculty and industry professionals to applaud the designer’s work.

FigB®and is an exhibit of logo and trademark design by David Fiegenschue, president of FigDesign.

The exhibit is available for display in business schools, colleges, universities, corporations, galleries and other organizations with an interest in the value that visual design contributes to corporate culture and business success.

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