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Services and Process

Integrated design: everything you need.

FigDesign brand

logo and identity design

Strategy comes first: how can an organization look different — and better — than its competitors? An attractive and relevant visual brand, with a strong logo as its centerpiece, is the foundation on which to build.

After appropriate research on competitors and customers, logo and identity development begins and moves through a series of concepts and variations to a final solution.

Our approach is to create timeless designs — logos that are simple yet complete enough to communicate for years, if not decades.

The goal is always to solve the business problems of looking different and better than the competition, while being attractive to potential customers.

  • Market and competitive research for positioning
  • Concept and creative strategy
  • Name development
  • Logo / symbol / trademark / logotype design
  • Graphic and branding standards guides

FigDesign paper

literature and promotions

Coexisting with the digital universe, the real/analog world remains a vital part of communicating: applications of the identity include everything from business cards to marketing materials and trade show booths. Paper is still “user-friendly” and doesn’t require an electronic device to be effective.

Once the identity is defined, it is applied to all instances of internal and external communication to get the message out.

  • Business cards and stationery
  • Direct mail campaigns and rack cards
  • Brochures, literature systems and sales collateral
  • Packaging and promotions
  • Trade show booths and posters
  • Property and vehicle signage

FigDesign screen

web sites and interfaces

The identity is also extended to interfaces of all kinds. Web sites that display well on all screens, apps, business intelligence dashboards and social media are all components of effective visual branding and marketing.

FigDesign specializes in responsive web sites that adapt to fit all size screens: smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. This avoids the expense of maintaining multiple site versions. The sites can be easily edited using any connection and don’t rely on a proprietary content management system.

App and dashboard interfaces are essential parts of brand identity, and FigDesign collaborates with top-notch programming specialists to create effective tools.

  • Responsive web sites
  • Interface and dashboard design and consulting
  • Platform-agnostic apps
  • Email campaigns
  • Corporate videos and presentations


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