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By FigDesign

On 23, Jun 2011 | In | By FigDesign


Scantiva provides document scanning, indexing and management services. The company engaged FigDesign to create a memorable visual brand in a crowded competitive environment.

The solution represents the process of converting paper documents to virtual files through a stylized V character. The smaller and smaller sections show the ‘disappearance’ of the paper as it moves through the scanning process. The slogan “Save Time/Save Space” summarizes several benefits the service offers for Scantiva’s customers.


Cyrix 6x86MX

By FigDesign

On 21, Jan 2012 | In | By FigDesign

Cyrix 6x86MX

This microprocessor manufacturer turned to FigDesign to launch a next-generation chip with enhanced sound and graphics capabilities. To represent these features, the “jumpin’ chip” image — intensely colorful and in motion — was developed with digital photographer Spook Bolt.

The brand imagery was applied to all marketing and sales channels including literature, retail posters and in-store displays, trade show exhibits, and on the web site.

Cyrix and its assets were purchased by National Semiconductor.

Cisco SystemsFigDesign white papers for CiscoFigDesign white papers for Cisco

By FigDesign

On 19, Jan 2012 | In | By FigDesign

Cisco Systems

Cisco Systems, based in San Jose, actively develops visionary education initiatives around the globe.

FigDesign created a coordinated set of covers for a series of forward-thinking white papers titled The Learning Society, Learning from the Extremes, and Equipping Every Learner. Interior formatting and diagrams reflect Cisco corporate design standards.

Agency: 214 Media.

Texas Instruments ControlWORKSTexas Instruments ControlWORKS brochure by FigDesignTexas Instruments ControlWORKS brochure by FigDesign

By FigDesign

On 25, Nov 2011 | In | By FigDesign

Texas Instruments ControlWORKS

ControlWORKS provides software controls for semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

Within corporate identity guidelines, FigDesign developed a color system, illustrations, type treatments and 3D charts for brochures, posters, ads and marketing materials.