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Om Prakash, PhD, PCOm Prakash web site by FigDesign

By FigDesign

On 11, May 2013 | In | By FigDesign

Om Prakash, PhD, PC

Successful psychologist and life coach Om Prakash has been in private practice of Clinical Psychology for over three decades. In the early 2000s, after receiving extensive training from the Mentor Coach LLC program, he added life coaching services to his practice.

“Dr Prakash brings deep life experience, careful thought and practical wisdom to all his clients,” says FigDesign’s David Fiegenschue. “He was involved in the “Quit India” freedom movement launched by Gandhi, and spent time in prison that inspired him to serve others in meaningful ways. Our goal as designers is to present the man — and the many holistic benefits he offers — in a way that is clear, helpful and professional. I certainly have grown in many ways through his generous advice and guidance.”

The web site allows Dr Prakash to add blog posts and articles he wants to share with his online followers. Though in his 80s, he communicates regularly through Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

The web site is responsive, adapting its layout to fit beautifully on phones and tablets as well as desktops.

FigDesign also created a visual brand for Dr Prakash using rich, warm oriental colors and clean typography. A simplified mandala-like symbol provides the central focus. Mandala, from the classical Indian language of Sanskrit, is loosely translated as “circle” and is an appropriate representation of the process and centering results of his practice.

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Telematics Research GroupTRG logo by FigDesignWeb site design by FigDesign

By FigDesign

On 21, Jul 2012 | In | By FigDesign

Telematics Research Group

This international company researches the markets of automotive communication and information technology. Navigation, accident avoidance, mapping and traffic reporting continue to be major areas of development.

For the logo and identity, FigDesign combined mapping symbols with a T shape for a distinctive mark, positioning the company as a premier ‘wayfinder’ among competing research firms.

Additional applications include web site design, corporate stationery, and other branding materials.


TravisWolff logotypeFigDesign logo for TravisWolff

By FigDesign

On 21, Apr 2012 | In | By FigDesign

TravisWolff logotype

This North Dallas accounting firm, voted the “Best Independent Accounting Firm in the Metroplex” in November 2002 by readers of the Dallas Business Journal, retained FigDesign to develop a logotype and corporate identity materials.

More recently, the firm was named the #1 Best Texas-Based Accounting Firm and Best Forensic Accounting firm in Dallas by Texas Lawyer.

The solution subtly substitutes the digit 1 in place of the lower case i.

Webb Chiropractic Clinic

By FigDesign

On 21, Jul 2012 | In | By FigDesign

Webb Chiropractic Clinic

A hands-on mark that contains the letter W was the prescribed treatment for Dr. Webb’s Clinic.

The Law Office of Michelle BurksThe Law Office of Michelle Burks

By FigDesign

On 28, May 2012 | In | By FigDesign

The Law Office of Michelle Burks

The combined strength and interdependent trust of the client-counsel relationship is woven together in this mark for attorney Michelle Burks.

After talking with me at length about my law firm, its clients and goals, David designed a logo and identity package that captures and represents my business perfectly; it really could not have been better. I look forward to working with FigDesign again soon.

Norman Architects logoFigDesign logo for Norman Architects

By FigDesign

On 04, May 2012 | In | By FigDesign

Norman Architects logo

This mark captures the balance of precision, grace and energy that typifies the work of Norman Architects. Conceptual explorations left no metaphor, analogy or visual reference unturned. The client enjoyed the process as a much as the designer.

FigDesign also designed the firm’s web site.