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THE STUDY USAThe Study USA logo design and branding by FigDesignThe Study USA logo design and branding by FigDesign

By FigDesign

On 02, Jan 2019 | In | By FigDesign


THE STUDY USA is a business incubator that provides a co-working space and initiatives to empower women-led businesses and next-generation entrepreneurs through the collaboration of academic partners, companies, and the local community. The organization connects programs, people and opportunities to foster business growth.

FigDesign provided a flexible visual brand that can maintains legibility in both horizontal and vertical arrangements. The system lends itself to banners, signage and event branding. A range of typography from condensed to wide allows a structure for presenting all kinds of messaging. A spectrum of related colors can be applied to various programs while maintaining core brand recognition.

OldSpace NewSpaceOldSpace NewSpace logo by FigDesignOldSpace NewSpace logo by FigDesign

By FigDesign

On 01, Mar 2015 | In | By FigDesign

OldSpace NewSpace

OldSpace NewSpace is an interior design and organization firm based in the Oak Cliff area of Dallas. The company serves clients across the DFW Metroplex with a special focus on organization and storage solutions.

FigDesign was engaged to help name the company, and to develop a visual brand. The clean, open logotype combines different weights and cases to add interest and help legibility. The modular color system, consisting of subtle hues of a middle value, is flexible and works with both light and dark backgrounds.

David K Gregory MD, FACSDavid K Gregory MD FACS logo by FigDesign

By FigDesign

On 05, Jun 2018 | In | By FigDesign

David K Gregory MD, FACS

The symbol for ophthalmologist David Gregory is a stylized lantern, bringing light and vision to his patients. It also refers to the lantern carried by the Greek philosopher Diogenes, who wandered the streets of Athens with a lantern “looking for an honest man.”

VPlus EnergyVPlus Energy business card by FigDesignVPlus Energy illustration by FigDesign

On 19, Aug 2016 | In | By FigDesign

VPlus Energy

Vplus Energy is an oil & gas upstream onshore operator that identifies and unlocks the intrinsic value of oil discovered in difficult and/or mature plays to maximize return on investment.

FigDesign developed a visual brand for the company, including logo design and stationery applications. Horizontal and vertical logo arrangements were created to provide flexibility for different applications, and custom patterns based on geological strata were drawn for a variety of uses.

Branding was also applied to a responsive, mobile-friendly web site.

CCPEO ConsultingBranding design by FigDesignBranding design by FigDesign

By FigDesign

On 28, Oct 2014 | In | By FigDesign

CCPEO Consulting

CCPEO Consulting helps organizations large and small decide whether a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) can be beneficial to their bottom line, and if so, how to choose from the hundreds of choices available.

FigDesign developed an identity including logo variations, business process graphics, stationery and marketing literature.

FigDesign also designed and implemented a web site that is simple to maintain and includes downloads as well as plans offerings and sales information.


FluoroSafetyFluoroSafety logo by FigDesignFluoroSafety logo by FigDesign

On 19, Apr 2014 | In | By FigDesign


FluoroSafety provides online Fluoro CME courses for physicians and medical professionals. The courses are focused on ease of access, supporting mobile devices, interactive and engaging content, and effective instruction.

FigDesign developed an identity including logo variations and one-color photography focusing on the use of mobile devices.

Working with the client, the firm also created a web site that is simple to maintain and which includes a Twitter feed and shopping cart.