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David K Gregory MD, FACSDavid K Gregory MD FACS logo by FigDesign

By FigDesign

On 05, Jun 2018 | In | By FigDesign

David K Gregory MD, FACS

The symbol for ophthalmologist David Gregory is a stylized lantern, bringing light and vision to his patients. It also refers to the lantern carried by the Greek philosopher Diogenes, who wandered the streets of Athens with a lantern “looking for an honest man.”

FluoroSafetyFluoroSafety logo by FigDesignFluoroSafety logo by FigDesign

On 19, Apr 2014 | In | By FigDesign


FluoroSafety provides online Fluoro CME courses for physicians and medical professionals. The courses are focused on ease of access, supporting mobile devices, interactive and engaging content, and effective instruction.

FigDesign developed an identity including logo variations and one-color photography focusing on the use of mobile devices.

Working with the client, the firm also created a web site that is simple to maintain and which includes a Twitter feed and shopping cart.


Century HealthcareCentury Healthcare identity by FigDesign

By FigDesign

On 21, May 2012 | In | By FigDesign

Century Healthcare

Century Healthcare entered a competitive market with a variety of medical plans for employers of all sizes.

FigDesign developed an identity with fresh colors, custom letterforms and clean typography that communicates the efficiencies that a full-service third-party administrator can provide.

The identity program includes literature and corporate standards for print and web site implementations.

Agency: Re|Think Marketing

Webb Chiropractic Clinic

By FigDesign

On 21, Jul 2012 | In | By FigDesign

Webb Chiropractic Clinic

A hands-on mark that contains the letter W was the prescribed treatment for Dr. Webb’s Clinic.

Irving Interfaith ClinicFigDesign identity for Irving Interfaith Clinic

By FigDesign

On 21, Oct 2011 | In | By FigDesign

Irving Interfaith Clinic

FigDesign developed an identity for a clinic providing healthcare and dental services for underprivileged residents of Irving. This worthwhile community effort is associated with the Irving Healthcare Foundation and Baylor Hospital of Irving.

Economical bilingual rack cards are used in the community and at the counters to communicate about services, requirements and hours of operation.


Kewl Innovations

By FigDesign

On 23, Mar 2008 | In | By FigDesign

Kewl Innovations

Kewl Innovations designs and manufactures portable equipment for diabetics. Their flagship product monitors and precisely maintains the temperature of insulin up to five days in various climate conditions on a single charge.

FigDesign developed a logo and branding elements as well as a style guide for inhouse marketing and promotion.